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Debate about global warming

The big debate in the global warming world at the moment is whether global warming is man made or completely natural. A combination of both, I think is the logical and clear answer. There is no denying that the natural cycle of the planets environment has bought on extreme weather conditions in the past but never as bad as predicted this time. Studies show that man made influences are adding to the cycle considerably.

So, how to prevent global warming? Many ways are being pushed upon society. Turn your lights off, turn your T.V. off, walk to the shop, and buy a greener car. But can all these little things actually add up to make a difference? Or do we need to put pressure on the corporations. This is where the real emissions are coming from. Yes of course we need to do all the little things ourselves. Lead by example right? But big pressure from the public and the governments on the large companies and corporations really is the answer.

That being said, it needs to happen now. Studies show that we've almost gone past the point of no return. Our planet has been abused to the point that it can't take anymore. So we need to turn the lights off, TVs off, PCs off, walk and take the bus. But we need to find a way to rally together now; this threat is 10 fold the threat of nuclear war or even the past threats of world wars. It is a subtle enemy sneaking up on us from behind, and it is an enemy with great power.

Once Again, How to prevent global warming? We need our governments to implement emergency laws, use the power of the media to influence those who are not aware or are too stubborn or selfish to do anything about it. We need to take a stand now!